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Hardwood Floor Installation 

Are you looking to make a change from carpet, tile, or vinyl floors,then perhaps new hardwood floors are the right answer for you. Our team continues to offer the best in local hardwood flooring installations. We have a wide selection of quality hardwood floors to choose from, including On-site finished Hardwoods and pre finishished Hardwoods with Solid and Engineered versions of many species.  To see a list of some of the hardwood manufacturers we use Click Here.

At Atlanta Hardwood Flooring & Cabinetry we don't offer laminates or cheap knock off flooring, we use either solid wood floors or engineered wood floors. If you’re not sure what the differences are, we take the time to thoroughly explain the nuances between products during our initial consultation.When we meet with you we provide exact details about our product offerings and get clarity on your needs and budget. We will combine all of that information with our professional opinion to best maximize your new floor’s durability and appearance. This way we can help remove any uncertainties you may have and provide you with the best options available. When you are in need of an expert team of flooring professionals, our goal is to allow you to be able to hire Atlanta Hardwood Flooring & Cabinetry with confidence.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Maybe you already have hardwood flooring, but you realize that it is almost time for a touch up. Even the best hardwood floors will eventually need a little love in order to stay protected and beautiful. If you have noticed that your hardwood floors are beginning to scratch easier or are beginning to absorb water faster, then it is most likely time to have them refinished. Our team provides professional refinishing services including: sanding, sealing, buffering, and more to bring your hardwood floors back to their original beauty. 

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Hardwood Floor Repair

Do you have damaged hardwood floors? As the best installation team, we also offers the best in hardwood floor repairs. If your hardwood flooring has dents, cracks, deep scratches, or is missing pieces of wood, our team will be able to restore and repair even the toughest damages. For a better class of hardwood repair services, call the team you can always depend on and trust, Atlanta Hardwood Flooring & Cabinetry.

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