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Hardwood Refinishing in Alpharetta, GA

Refinishing floors helps to restore your weathered hardwood floors back to the beauty of when they were first installed. Refinishing floors is the process of sanding down the floors, removing stains and finish. After sanding, a finish is used to protect the wood and leave it looking beautiful and glossy.

Is it time to get your floors refinished? Here are some ways that you know it is time to get your floors refinished:

  • Water Damage: The time to finish your floor is before they become too worn.  Remember, the finishing on your floor helps to protect your floor from damage. Since wood soaks in moisture fast, you want to keep it protected with a solid finish. A test you can do to see if your flooring needs refinishing is to drop a couple drops of water on to the area of the floor with the most usage. If the water pools on the top then it means that the finish on your floors are still doing its job of protecting your floors. If the water slowly gets absorbed then it’s not an emergency, but it’s probably time to start thinking about getting your floors refinished. If the water soaks through right away and leaves a dark spot then you need to get your floors refinished quickly to protect it from water damage.


  • Scratches & warped floors:  If your floors are getting scratched up due to wear and use then it may be time to think about getting your floors refinished. During the refinishing process the scratches and warping on the floor will be sanded away so that the floor will be even again.


  • Dullness & Discoloration: If your floors are starting to look dull or have serious discoloration then you might want to consider having your floors refinished. The color of floors change naturally. It is what happens when sunlight hits the floors. Often times with age comes beauty as the floors take on an aged look. However, once the finishing on the floor begins to wear thin, direct sunlight can cause more damaging effects. If your wanting to spruce up the floor and have it regain its luster then you should consider refinishing your floors as it helps to add an extra layer of protection on your floors and leave a beautiful shine.

  • Want a new look: If your wanting a new look for your room then a solution would be to refinish your hardwood floors. You can select the type of finish you’d like. If you want to go darker then you can do that or if you want a lighter finish then you can do that as well. When you refinish your floors, you have the opportunity to re-dream about the look and feel of the room.

Some hardwood floors cannot be refinished. If you have engineered flooring you may not be able to get your floors refinished, depending on how much of a top layer there is. Since engineered floors are made by putting several thin layers of wood together, it may not have enough wood on the top layer to handle the sanding needed to refinish the flooring. On the other hand, solid floors are able to be refinished many times.  Call us for a consultation and we can help guide you through the process of refinishing.

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